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Career paths are diverse and complex, and this can be overwhelming when it comes to making decisions and setting your own trajectory. Saothar profiles Irish University graduates from a diverse range of professions, at different stages in their careers. Here you can read about how successful alumni got started, and what decisions they made to get them where they are today. Then head over to our ‘Helpful Tools’ page to plan your next steps. 



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Irish graduates are making a difference around the world, from Nobel prize winners like William Campbell who graduated in 1952 to social entrepreneurs like Iseult Ward who co-founded Food Cloud in 2013 while she was still enrolled in BESS. We all know great things are possible when we put our minds to it. Here you can read about the paths these Irish alumni have taken.



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What’s it really like to work as an economist, a lawyer, a management consultant, or a development professional? We’ll help you find out. Check out our ‘Internship Opportunities’ page to find out more about accessing summer internships that will give you hands-on experience. In the meantime, since it’s not possible to experience every workplace first-hand, we want to offer you a short-cut. Irish University alumni working in roles across the private, public and non-profit sectors have shared their top tips and experiences. Just click on a role to find out more.